luni, 9 februarie 2015

How do I get escort work in Miami?

Escorting is job, just like all the other jobs on the planet. It consists in men and women paying for the company of escorts. Attention, it is only company, not anything else.  As the manager of an escorting agency, I get a lot of question like “how to I apply to a job?”” what kind of work will I do?”, and the most frequent one is”how do I get escort work in Miami?”
This place seems to be one of the magnets from escorting models, and it is quite obvious why. In Miami there are a lot of rich men that are single and wanting company. Mostly, this company means going with the client at parties, reunions and business trips. For instance I know someone that does escort work in Miami that has a close client that asks for her every time he goes on business trips in Europe, Asia and South America. She is one lucky model, because she gets to see the entire world, without paying anything, moreover she is paid to do so.
I believe this is the firs reason girls and young women want to get escort work in Miami. The process is really easy, to be true. You search for the agency you want to work with (make sure it’s legal, and it offers protection) and if you are what they are looking for, apply. Some agencies look for girls that speak many foreign languages, or that look wonderful, or are extremely sociable, so you need to understand what exactly one agency looks for.
After you apply, they will call you for a job interview, and if you fit, you are hired. You can even start the next day, by having a photo shoot, to build up your portfolio.

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