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What you should know about escort job work in London

First thing they tell you, when you get an escort job to work in London is rules of conduct or escort etiquette.  A serious agency that is looking for women that want to work professionally cares about conduct just as much as profit.  After all, England is known to be the land of manners and good behavior.
Just the same, a respected escorting agency will climb up to its name and will keep its reputation stainless at all costs. Over the pond in England, a big part of the profit is due to an agency’s reputation.
That is why, I have rounded up a few pieces of advice you should take into account when you consider applying for an escort job work in London.  I am sure, these rules can also apply to all the other agencies around the world, but right now, the topic is London.
First and foremost you should never talk to your clients about their private lives, except they want to. You cannot ask them question that may make them feel uncomfortable. Also, it’s highly important that you do not share any private information of your own with your clients. You are advised to protect your identity, although it’s optional, but under any circumstances are you allowed to share private details from your life with your clients.
Following that, comes the professional portfolio that every female escort should have. When you are hired at an escort job work in London, one of the first things they give you is a professional shooting session that should be enough to create a very nice, professional portfolio.
Another thing every serious agency ensures for you is your protection, so this is one of the first things you may want to ask, when you go to the interview.
On the other hand, there are some roles to be played only by you and you alone. You need to be able to separate your work from your personal life. Any feelings towards your clients and personal relationships with them are forbidden. Also, if your don’t have an independent personality, and look for love, you should make your significant other understand that this is your job, and it has nothing to do with your feelings.
Having this cleared up, go get an escort job work in London and start being paid to be pampered!

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